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Choosing Your Words

Take care with the language you use because words can convey more than their literal meaning. The list below indicates the sort of words and phrases you should aim for when you talk about yourself. It is not an exhaustive list, but guidance on the tone you should aim for.

Positive characteristics

These words are examples of personal attributes often seen as positive and useful in the workplace. Choose those that suit you the most:

Accurate Genuine Perceptive
Active Good communicator Pro active
Adaptable Professional
Approachable Hardworking Presentable
Assertive Humorous Positive
Astute Honest Punctual
Imaginative Reflective
Calm Initiative Reliable
Capable Intuitive Resourceful
Competent Innovative
Confident Smart
Conscientious Keen Sociable
Consistent Successful
Leader Supportive
Decisive Loyal
Dedicated Tactful
Dependable Mature Talented
Determined Motivated Team leader
Diplomatic Thorough
Direct Natural Tolerant
Dynamic Non-judgemental Trustworthy
Eager Obliging Understanding
Easy going Optimistic
Effective Original Versatile
Efficient Open minded Vigorous
Energetic Organised
Enthusiastic Willing to learn

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