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Temporary Solutions - Nu Staff

There are many reasons why temporary cover may become an issue for your business; perhaps you need a holiday cover, you could have an important deadline to meet or be hit suddenly by sickness problems. Whatever the reason, Nu-Staff are here to solve your temporary recruitment woes. With a database full of experienced candidates ready to join your workforce, you can be confident we will find the right person for you.

Through keeping a close working relationship with your business, we are able to supply you with the right person for the job in an instant. We ensure that we know exactly what type of person would fit the required job profile in addition to qualifications and experience, after all each business is different and so is each candidate.

Candidate quality: We pride ourselves on our intense interviewing and vetting procedures so that every worker we put out is extremely capable, enthusiastic and carrying the appropriate skills for the sector they have been specified for. This way you can be sure that, no matter how short notice, your next temporary vacancy with us will be filled not only quickly but also to the highest possible standards. Our extensive database contains candidates with both experience and a wide range of skills in their sectors and industries, allowing us to pick the ones best suited to fulfiling your company needs.

HR support: We are always available to inform you and keep you updated on the ever changing rules and regulations of employment legislation.

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